Stories that shine... and leave marks on the soul.

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Spectacular sweep through the biggest questions of life.

January, 2005. An American surgeon and a British lawyer are transported to the Espacio. Same souls. Different bodies. Invited into a “space” designed for soul-making.

Join them as they go in search of answers to life’s most intractable questions. What is freedom? Beauty? Why so much pain? Visit the Deep South, the Pacific, Srebrenica, Rwanda, East London brothels, and a hill outside Jerusalem. Meet their guides—sometimes strange, but always entertaining . . .

STARDUST BOOKS announces the release of HOUSE OF SOULS, described by reviewers as “A quite extraordinary piece of writing . . . beautifully and imaginatively written . . . a masterful narrative . . . one of the most compelling books I’ve read on the question of God and suffering.”

Welcome to Stardust Books
Stories that shine... and leave marks on the soul.

My name is Richard Thor Collins.

🇬🇧 English father.

🇳🇴 Norwegian mother.

🇲🇽 Mexican-American wife. 🇺🇸

I believe that words contain power; they have the potential to transform a person.

For good or ill. They are powder kegs in our minds, capable of producing explosive beauty or catastrophic harm. So I use them carefully—to discover meaning and to offer hope.

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